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Welcome To CelebrityGramZ!

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Welcome to CelebrityGramz!

 You can now book a Professional Celebrity Impersonator to send a greeting to someone you love or just really like a lot!  

Any occasion or No Occasion!  

They are fun!  It's like the real thing....almost!  

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Recorded Video Greeting

Personalized "Celebrity" Caricatures

CelebrityGramZ Live Video Call


 This is a personalized Video Recording.  It will be up to 2 minutes.  You can send the recipient a link and they can also download the file.- $99*

CelebrityGramZ Live Video Call

Personalized "Celebrity" Caricatures

CelebrityGramZ Live Video Call


 This is a scheduled Video Call that will last up to 4 minutes.  It can also be recorded.  They recipient can share it as well!- $279*

Personalized "Celebrity" Caricatures

Personalized "Celebrity" Caricatures

Personalized "Celebrity" Caricatures

Elvis Presley Caricature- CelebrityGramZ
Get our Caricature Artist to draw a caricature!

Send us a photo.  Our caricature artist will turn your recipient into the celebrity of your choice. get the video of him creating, he can do it LIVE!

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Please give us at least a 24 hour notice.  

We'll take the information and get you one of our CelebrityGramZ right away.  We'll upload it to VIMEO and give you a link.  You can then share it with the recipient right away or in the future.  They will be able to share it from VIMEO or simply click on the DOWNLOAD button to download it themselves.

(All are Celebrity Impersonators.  Some comedy/spoof aspects of our videos may or may not reflect the opinion of the actual celebrity)

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Let us know when your event is!  What do you have in mind?  


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